I am that girl, who from my tween years on, carried a camera in my back pocket and took photos everywhere I went. I was counted on by my co-workers, friends and family to get the shots and send prints to them later. I can't remember a time where that wasn't me. So naturally in my early twenties I began photographing friends and family for their portraits, engagements and weddings. I am a lifestyle photographer living in Europe. Our family joined the Navy in 2010 and decided to travel the world, one duty station at a time. We are currently stationed in Rota Spain. We were just a hop skip and a jump from our beautiful Capital, Washington DC at our last duty station and before that we were in Chicago. We have been so blessed to see such beautiful places and meet such wonderful people. In 2014 my husband, Jonathan and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary, our daughter's 11th birthday and will celebrate our son's 3rd birthday soon. It has been such a wonderful year. I am getting my feet planted firmly on the ground here in Spain and I would love to hear from you! We strive to give back to our community, we offer a military discount(see pricing), and for referrals and reviews we give free prints. We love our clients. Please don't hesitate to email us if ever you think our services are needed for our Hero's and Survivors.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Browley Children | Children Photographer | Upper Northern Neck VA Family Photographer

 I am so glad that these kiddos mommy decided to get her kids photos taken before they left for their next duty station. They were moving across the country with-in 2 weeks of our session so we were on a tight schedule. The weather couldn't have been any more perfect, especially for the end of November in Virginia.  The rain had ceased and the cold was at bay and I had found the perfect spot to get many different looks without leaving the area. Mr A was a bit nervous at first, with his sweet big sister C to guide him along and a friendly neighborhood dog coming into the picture, we had the perfect scene for some wonderful shots.
Enjoy California, I sure hope our paths cross again in our Navy lives.
Best Wishes~ Simona

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Miller's | Family Photographer | Upper Northern Neck VA Family Photographer

Loved meeting this little family. A mutual friend sent them our way, so glad that she did. I can't wait to see them in the spring for our D.C. Cherry Blossom shoot. The kids sat down with me in the beginning and just talked my socks off (okay maybe he just talked my socks off- she just grinned at me the entire time). This family sure knows how to have fun. Until next time...Thank you!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trains and Boys | Children Photographer | Upper Northern Neck VA Children's Photographer

I had such a good time with these little guys! The oldest really was a camera hog! Every chance he got he was asking me to shoot him. What fun! Thanks to their mom, Stephanie, for finding the awesome location! I really never would have found it, EVER! I sure hope you cherish these photos for years to come!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Traveling Studio | Backdrop Choices| Northern Neck Va Photographer Rota Spain

We are ordering backdrops first thing next week and we would like your input on what styles to choose.
Edited to add:
Our FB Fan page and personal page has narrowed the vote to numbers 3,4,and 5.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Autumn Leaves and Trains | Children's Photographer |Upper Northern Neck Va Family Photographer

Today I went out and collected a few bags of gorgeous autumn leaves, from a beautiful maple tree. Being from Florida I can saw I have honestly never done this before. At home we have pine trees, magnolia trees and many more pine trees, none of which we roll in and enjoy playing in while taking family portraits. Ha, that would be quite a sight to see.
I cannot wait until this weekend for my two fun sessions. 
One will have this awesome train in it!

The other is going to be imaginative and oh so fun. Think of camping but not as dirty and much cuter.
I am taking my kids tomorrow to get a few jumps in the giant piles of leaves down at the end of our road. Oh to be a kid again

Saturday, October 20, 2012

10 Yr Anniversary {Upper Northern Neck VA Family photogtapher}

This month my husband and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. We were on our way to the Navy Ball when we stopped to take this photo. It seems like just yesterday I said "yes", I can't believe we're already here. I can only imagine what the next 10 years hold, one thing I know, he'll be right there with me. Thank you for all your support in my photography endeavors! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ragsdale Family~ Upper Northern Neck VA Family Photographer

I am finally putting my blog back together. You can see previous posts HERE.
I hope to keep this up to date. I am not much of a writer so I hope that this goes over well.

My first official family session since my maternity leave April of 2011. 
They were so easy to photography. Doesn't Bri look marvelous! Baby R is coming up on 5 months old. 
I am sure sad to see this family go, that is the Navy for you, moving on is what we do.
Off on their 1st deployment, Hawaii.. Lucky ducks!!