I am that girl, who from my tween years on, carried a camera in my back pocket and took photos everywhere I went. I was counted on by my co-workers, friends and family to get the shots and send prints to them later. I can't remember a time where that wasn't me. So naturally in my early twenties I began photographing friends and family for their portraits, engagements and weddings. I am a lifestyle photographer living in Europe. Our family joined the Navy in 2010 and decided to travel the world, one duty station at a time. We are currently stationed in Rota Spain. We were just a hop skip and a jump from our beautiful Capital, Washington DC at our last duty station and before that we were in Chicago. We have been so blessed to see such beautiful places and meet such wonderful people. In 2014 my husband, Jonathan and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary, our daughter's 11th birthday and will celebrate our son's 3rd birthday soon. It has been such a wonderful year. I am getting my feet planted firmly on the ground here in Spain and I would love to hear from you! We strive to give back to our community, we offer a military discount(see pricing), and for referrals and reviews we give free prints. We love our clients. Please don't hesitate to email us if ever you think our services are needed for our Hero's and Survivors.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cameron Family Cherry Blossoms | Family Photographer | Upper Northern Neck VA Family Photographer

A BIG Hello to my parents who drove down from Baltimore area and were my first session of the day last weekend. I had such a great time making them lay on the ground and smooch. It was altogether a bit fun and a bit embarrassing/awkward. 
It made me a bit homesick after having my baby sister hold the family sign. She is the youngest of 7 who are all out of the house and married some even with kids of their own. I am so glad that although we are in the military we have been blessed for the last 2 years that my parents have been so close. I am really going to miss this next year when we are sent to a new duty station. For now I am trying to enjoy each and every moment with them while we can. Here's to being the last in the nest.

Special thanks to the kind family who gave her a tip for helping me during the morning. She was guarding my photography equipment so that no one took off with it. She also did a pretty great job of baby wrangling when I needed her to blow bubbles and make crazy silly faces as well as taking the little's to play while I took some shots of just mommies and daddies. Thanks Ashleigh!

If you would like to see all of their photos go check them out HERE in a new feature exclusive to my Collection packages called PASS, maybe your family can be the next featured in this wonderful, easy and up to date way to share your photos with your loved ones all over the county, heck all over the world.  

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Karima and Hussam | Maternity Photographer |Upper Northern Neck VA Family Photographer

I am so glad I had the pleasure of meeting Karima and Hussam. They were my third session on Saturday before I took a small break to enjoy the beauties of the day, oh and to have a drink and get a bite to eat. They are locals in DC who own a international Hookah business. They were so excited to drive in and enjoy the day on the Tidal Basin and get her maternity shots taken.
I can't wait to hear when Little Miss A is born. I hope I have the pleasure of taking her newborn photos.

Special thank you to Hussam for thinking of my assistant, IE my youngest sister, who sat with me during the morning to watch over my camera equipment and keep the little's busy if I was taking shots of just their parents. At the end of their session he gave her a tip for coming out to help me for the afternoon. Again you made her day. Thanks for being so thoughtful. Praying for a wonderful birth and a easy recovery.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Miss Tiffany | Maternity Photographer| Upper Northern Neck VA Family Photographer

This gorgeous mama and sweet little man were my second session of the day, last weekend. Little man had such a good time blowing bubbles, playing hide-n-seek in the local giant trees, and I even got serenaded to while he played his guitar.  He is going to be a great big brother I can already tell.
 Now did I mention how easy it was to work with his mama? She was so laid back and easy going. I had such a relaxing time working with them. I look forward to the opportunity to meet the rest of their family soon. She is waiting until the baby is born to find out, which is exactly what we did the last go around. It is such a exciting feeling on top of meeting the baby for the first time. I applaud her and her husband, family members tried every which way to convince us that we really wanted to find out before hand. It is really one of the only things in life that you can plan to surprise yourself with. So why not? Either way it will be a bundle of joy. Congrats Tiffany! I'm praying for a easy delivery and quick recovery. Good Luck!

Monday, April 22, 2013

My Family | Personal | Upper Northern Neck VA Family Photographer

Welcome Spring and Cherry Blossom season.
I hope your family enjoyed the day in DC as much as mine did. We arrived around 945 found parking and toted our props, bench and kids to "the spot" and didn't leave to head for home until 8:15 that night. I am telling you it was worth it all a thousand times over. I have been looking forward to this time since last year when I took my kids and closest friend to go scouting for "the spot".  See some of our shots from last year here
I love all the looks we got that morning as we trudged our way to "the spot". I am sure people were wondering why we had a suitcase, a stroller with a bench on top and then why we were all dressed up pulling all this stuff.  I really wanted to just put a sign on my back that read "photographer", but alas I didn't have time to make a sign.

Again thanks so much for all your patience in waiting for mother nature to finally decide to let the blossoms bloom. Our original date of March 15 quickly got bumped to a few weekends later. Finally on April 13th this is what we were waiting for.

 I can tell you I am just finished recovering from our big weekend and spring break trip to Baltimore as of today. I can not wait to show you the rest, until then here is just one more.

 I will be posting a few more each day. Keep an eye out for many more.