I am that girl, who from my tween years on, carried a camera in my back pocket and took photos everywhere I went. I was counted on by my co-workers, friends and family to get the shots and send prints to them later. I can't remember a time where that wasn't me. So naturally in my early twenties I began photographing friends and family for their portraits, engagements and weddings. I am a lifestyle photographer living in Europe. Our family joined the Navy in 2010 and decided to travel the world, one duty station at a time. We are currently stationed in Rota Spain. We were just a hop skip and a jump from our beautiful Capital, Washington DC at our last duty station and before that we were in Chicago. We have been so blessed to see such beautiful places and meet such wonderful people. In 2014 my husband, Jonathan and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary, our daughter's 11th birthday and will celebrate our son's 3rd birthday soon. It has been such a wonderful year. I am getting my feet planted firmly on the ground here in Spain and I would love to hear from you! We strive to give back to our community, we offer a military discount(see pricing), and for referrals and reviews we give free prints. We love our clients. Please don't hesitate to email us if ever you think our services are needed for our Hero's and Survivors.

Before, During and After Session Questions

Before- Discussion

what happens first?
We like to setup an in-person, phone or email consultation to discuss which package is best for your needs and your session details such as location, style and props.

how long does a session last?
Depending on the package you choose and amount of people in your shoot, it can last anywhere between 45minutes-2 hours; infant sessions can last anywhere between 1-3 hours as we leave plenty of time for feedings and changing. Mini sessions such as the "mini",cupcake and mini maternity last 45 minutes

what should you wear?!
We always suggest colorful, textured clothing, especially for children! We recommend having fun with your clothing, treating your session as a once in a lifetime event - make it count! Most importantly, be yourself - if you are not a preppy person, don't wear a collared shirt; if you like country music, throw some cowboy boots on! We encourage outfit changes, between 1-3.

if you'd like a stylized session
This is something we can discuss in your before-session consultation, so please ask about anything you have been wanting to do, we can see if we can make it work for you.

what's a good location?
If you don't already have an idea, we suggest somewhere that is special or sentimental to you or someplace that makes you feel the most comfortable. If you have your heart set on the beach, we can find plenty that are ideal for photographing. If you like the look of the urban jungle, we can scout together for an ideal place that fits to your liking. If you super, duper really want a backdrop? We can work out the details, no worries!

what about props?
We love working with props (and pets!) and encourage our clients to get creative - bring anything you'd like to include in your photos.  Feel free to ask us because we have an ever-expanding closet of tutus, chairs, and items we can pull out of the closet for you. Just ask.

my child's not smiling, what do you do?!
Breathe, we never worry about a child not smiling. #1 reason, because even your child's most serious face belongs to them and is absolutely precious. #2 reason, because if we work together, we're sure we will get a little (or BIG) one out of them yet! Most importantly make sure to bring special toys (teddy, baby doll) or other cherished items (blanket, pacifier, silkie...) as well as a snack and/or drink to help during tantrum times. There is always time for nursing, diaper changes/potty breaks and lots of TLC. The most important thing is not to rush your child or make them feel bad, we want to create a fun, safe atmosphere for them where they feel, and act, just like themselves!

I had a baby 3 weeks ago, and I’d love to get some newborn pictures taken, when can I get in?  
We are sad to say that you have already missed the ‘newborn stage’…yes, it goes by that fast.  At 3 weeks, your baby is looking a little funky (WHAT, they all go through that phase…bad acne, peeling skin, eyes-crossed, stick legs poking straight out). We are still happy to photograph your baby after the first 3 weeks, it will just be a different type of session than the ‘curled/sleepy’ newborn images that are typically out there. We're not saying we can't do it, it just will be a more relaxed baby.

what if there's bad weather?
If it is raining, storming, or colder than 55 degrees for outside sessions, we are happy to reschedule!

my baby has bad baby acne, should i reschedule?
Not necessary, we continually sharpen our skills in photo shop and other editing programs and can remove most blemishes, scratches and scars.


how long should you expect to wait to view your portraits?
3 weeks maximum is the estimate we give all our clients, however, we try our best to get it to you as soon as possible!

do you charge for digital files?
The price of your digital files is included in the package price; some may ask why our session fees are "expensive" but they're not considering the fact that your digital files are included - they are "all in one"!
Once you receive your digital files on a CD, you can choose when and where you print. We recommend a few professional printing labs so you get the best bang for your buck.

can you print with us instead? 
YES! we offer a limited a la cart product line. there is a $100 order minimum.

A lot of time and creative energy go into your custom photographic products.  So, we can re-size the photos as necessary to fit into any size project. Quickie labs will sometimes crop photos strangely or have a color tint shadowing your picture. So don't be afraid to ask before you order.

{updated September 1, 2012}
1. At least 50% of your session fee is due at time of booking, which serves as a non refundable place holder on the calendar.  The remainder of your session fee is due at the time of your photo-shoot. *Cash, personal check or credit card via PayPal are all accepted

2. All extra fees including toll fees, park entrance fees, parking fees etc will be covered by client unless photographer specifically picks a location and in that case, will cover her/his own fees.

3.Locations outside of King George County may incur a travel fee.

4. There is a $50 fee for rescheduling twice for reasons other than weather limitations or catastrophic event.

5.Sessions are given at least a 3 to 4 week maximum time frame for editing purposes.   The photographer will be in contact with you when your disc is ready.

6.Simona Walters Photography is happy to offer a la cart products, however, also includes a print release on your disc.  That print release allows you to print whenever and wherever you please.  Simona Walters Photography is not held accountable for any indiscretions made to your products by any print lab since we make recommendations to preferred print labs upon request.